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Polaris RZR

Polaris rzr

All terrain vehicle with amazing off-road performance

  • Modified suspension

  • Front & back columns for attaching the stabilized, remote head for leading and following action

  • 3 seats for precision driver, camera operator and focus puller

  • adjustable camera height

  • Basic crew: x5 

    • precision driver​

    • camera operator

    • focus puller

    • camera assistant

    • head technician

  • Supported cameras: Arri Alexa XT, Alexa Mini, RED​ & more

  • Supported lenses: very wide range of professional prime and zoom lenses

Freefly MoVI XL

Freefly MoVI XL

The biggest, strongest and most advanced in the 3axis MoVI family

  • Camera support: ARRI Alexa XT, Mini, RED and more

  • Lens support: very wide range of professional prime and zoom lenses

  • Head controls: Wheels, Joystick, RC, wireless and wired

  • Can be used on: Camera vehicles, boats, cranes, tripod

  • Mounting: Mitchel mount, quick release 

  • Max. payload: 23kg.

  • Naked weight: 11kg.

  • Max. operating speed: 160km/h

  • Basic crex: x1

    • head technician​

  • Ingress protection: IP52, ​resistance to dust and dripping water

  • Suspension: Flowcine Black Arm, Tranquilizer

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