Backountry and remote, technical locations are very welcome. Becoming sherpas with all the requiered equipment is one of the favourite chalanges of our crew. Right spot for the shot is the leading light, no matter how harsh is the enviroment facing us.
On-set experience is valuable when the deadlines are short and the organization tight. We have over 10 years of experience, working for movies and commercials in camera and special effects department. All these endless prep and shooting days have taught us to value production time and resources.
Responsibility !
We fly, we know, we are responsible. We fly with our own equipment. The idea is production free of stress when you don't see your expensive camera and lens up in the sky with no rope attached.
Safety is the most important rule that we apply on-set. People safety depends on the flight plan and weather situation. Discussing the variations of the shots is the key for safe shooting day. Client safety is your project safety. If technical issue is met we always have back-up to finish the project.
Pushing the limits of the flights is another goal that lead us. It is our pleasure to take risks within the limits of the possible in order to create the shots that you have imagined...with just a drop of sweat Probably sounds irresponsible - taking risks with heavy, flying camera platform ? Please don't worry, the decissions we take are always lead by people's safety. Sometimes "no"means "NO" because we all want to sleep calm tonight.
On set safety for all involved in thr drone filming process
Bending our aerial filming skills depending on the job
Movie making experience that we have
Reaching hard locations with our copters
We provide safety for our clients
About us
One of the most exiting projects for our crew, we took part in last summer. It was an amazing adventure chasing action, stunt shots with 2nd Unit's DoP Lorenzo Senatore, and director Dian Hristov.
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hitman bodyguard
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